Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (2023)

Every superhero needs a nemesis. After all, there can be good without evil. When it comes to wrongdoers, the Marvel Universe has some of the most powerful villains. Some of them are street-level criminals, but many others are substantial cosmic threats going after the whole world — or even the universe.

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Many of these mighty Marvel villains are female characters. Whether they're aliens, goddesses, or even just gifted humans, they're all cunning and strong women ready to battle any superhero who gets in their way. These villains are so powerful that, even though their intentions are rarely good, it's impossible not to love them.

10 Morgan Le Fay Is Impossible To Kill

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (1)

Based on the Arthurian legend, Marvel's Morgan le Fay is a human/faerie hybrid villain whose main objective is to take over the world. She possesses three types of magic. First, her faerie origins allow her to control minds and mystical energy. Second, she's Merlin's pupil, who taught her everything he knew. Finally, she's a high priestess for Gaia, the Earth Goddess.

Considered one of the greatest sorceresses on Earth, Morgan le Fay often puts other Marvel characters in a predicament because her faerie blood makes her immortal. For instance, during Dark Reign, she traveled into the future with an army of demons ready to conquer the world. In order to defeat her, Doom was unable to kill her using magic; instead, he only sent her back in time.

9 Typhoid Mary Combines Mental Strength With Brute Force

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (2)
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Typhoid Mary is a mutant with Dissociative Identity Disorder and various psionic abilities such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and mental control. Even though one of her personalities, Mary, doesn't have any abilities, the other three — Mutant Zero, Typhoid, and Bloody Mary — are particularly violent.

Typhoid Mary is also an expert Judoka and an expert in knife combat. These skills combined with her psionic abilities make her a formidable threat as well as a valuable ally. The Kingpin knows this very well. The crimelord has kept Mary close to him from the beginning, first as an employee, but then as an equal, lover, and wife.

8 Proxima Midnight Can Defeat The Hulk In A Moment

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (3)

There's very little information about Proxima Midnight's origins, but she has worked alongside Thanos and the Black Order for decades helping the Mad Titan to take planets by force and destroy them. Proxima Midnight doesn't have superpowers, but she isn't human, so she possesses strength, invulnerability, and endurance beyond compare.

Besides, Proxima Midnight owns a spear forged by Thanos using a sun that served as a black hole. This weapon carries the mass, density, and energy of a whole sun for the villain to control. Additionally, it bears a toxin lethal for any living being. This element is powerful enough to revert the Hulk into Bruce Banner in a matter of seconds.

7 Lady Deathstrike Is An Adamantium Cyborg

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (4)

Yuriko Oyama, aka Lady Deathstrike, is the daughter of Kenji Oyama, the first scientist to bind adamantium and bones. After killing her own father, Oyama became obsessed with Wolverine, one of her father's unintentional creations. In order to defeat him, she allowed Spiral to turn her into an adamantium-laced cyborg.

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In addition to Adamantium claws, Lady Deathstrike has a technologically enhanced self-repairing body, as well as the ability to connect with all kinds of computer systems. Besides, she's one of the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe, especially in Kenjutsu. All this together makes Lady Deathstrike one of the most dangerous foes out there.

6 Moonstone Should Battle Captain Marvel Soon

Originally a psychopathic psychiatrist, Karla Sofen got a hold of the Moonstones, an ancient Kree relic that grants powers to its owner. After this, she absorbed the essence of the stone, which fused with her nervous system, and Karla became Moonstone. As Moonstone, she acquired superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, as well as photokinesis and gravity manipulation.

Given that Moonstone's powers are very similar to Captain Marvel's, a fight between these two was only a matter of time after her first appearance. These two powerful women have faced each other in battle many times in history. Now that actress Zawe Ashton was confirmed as the film's villain, many fans believe it will happen again in the MCU upcoming film The Marvels.

5 Titania May Battle She-Hulk In The Upcoming Series

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (6)

Mary MacPherran, also known as Titania, was first introduced in the 1984 series Secret Wars as a super-strong, muscular, and cocky woman bio-engineered by Doctor Doom using alien technology. Originally a minion for Doom, Titania bested She-Hulk in a battle against the Avengers in Secret Wars #7. After the first time, the two giants have fought again many times, each battle as close as the first one. Soon, Jennifer Walters' alter ego became Titania's archnemesis.

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In fact, her presence is so important in She-Hulk's story that Jameela Jamil has been confirmed for the role of Titania in the upcoming She-Hulk series. Surely fans are in for a mighty battle between these two powerful women. After all, even though Titania's moral alignment has slowly and steadily shifted to antiheroism, she and She-Hulk remain rivals.

4 Hela's Touch Is Mortal For Most Living Beings

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (7)

Queen of Hel and Goddess of the Dead, Hela is Loki and Angrboda's daughter, not Odin's, like in the MCU. She's a powerful and ambitious deity always looking to expand her realms. Because of this, she's in constant conflict with Thor. Fortunately for her, she can easily defeat the God of Thunder. As a Goddess, Hela has super strength and reflexes, as well as magic resistance. While this makes her a dreadful opponent for anyone, her true might comes from her personal abilities.

First, she has mastered the Hand of Glory, a punching technique that uses mystical energy to enhance Hela's strength and that can kill an Asgardian. In addition to this, she possesses Touch of Death, which means she can kill a healthy human just by touching them and claim their soul for Hel or Niflheim.

3 Jean Grey's Powers Were Dramatically Enhanced By The Dark Phoenix

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (8)

A mutant with abilities beyond compare, Jean Grey fought alongside her peers as an X-Men for many years. However, she only reached her full potential when she became the host for the Phoenix Force, an ancient cosmic entity that granted the girl the ability to manipulate matter and energy on a sub-atomic scale using her telekinesis.

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Although the Phoenix is usually a force of life and passion, it was corrupted by the Hellfire Club during The Dark Phoenix Saga, which turned it into the Dark Phoenix, a force of chaos and destruction that was only stopped after Jean Grey sacrificed herself in order to stop hosting it.

2 The Scarlet Witch Can Alter Reality Itself

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (9)

Wanda Maximoff was originally a mutant. However, her story was revamped, and she became the result of a High Evolutionary experiment. Regardless of this, she never stopped being one of the most powerful characters of the Marvel Universe thanks to her expertise in chaos magic, which allows her to modify reality to her will.

Granted, Wanda Maximoff has become more of a hero as time passes. However, her magic is so powerful that it's very easy for her to become corrupted, as it happened in House of M and WandaVision. MCU's Scarlet Witch appears to be following a similar path. Although she realizes her actions are wrong after freeing Westview, she is expected to become the villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

1 Lady Death Is Above Everything Else

Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains (10)

Created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich, Lady Death, or just Death, is the personification of death in the Marvel Universe. Often depicted as a skeleton or as a woman in a black robe, Death possesses infinite power and omniscience. She can control any dimension of reality, such as space and time, and her touch causes immediate death.

Death rarely fights her own battles. In addition to having minions, she usually associates with other villains, such as Thanos, who has committed thousands of crimes just to woo her. However, she's the personification of the only unbeatable force in the universe. No matter how powerful a character is, they rarely can defeat Death itself.

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Marvel: The 10 Strongest Female Villains? ›

1 Lady Death Is Above Everything Else

Often depicted as a skeleton or as a woman in a black robe, Death possesses infinite power and omniscience. She can control any dimension of reality, such as space and time, and her touch causes immediate death. Death rarely fights her own battles.

Who is the strongest female villain in Marvel? ›

1 Lady Death Is Above Everything Else

Often depicted as a skeleton or as a woman in a black robe, Death possesses infinite power and omniscience. She can control any dimension of reality, such as space and time, and her touch causes immediate death. Death rarely fights her own battles.

Who is the strongest female supervillain? ›

These are just some of the greatest female Super Villains in Marvel history.
  • Hela.
  • Raven Darkholme AKA Mystique.
  • Mariah Dillard AKA Black Mariah.
  • Mary Alice Walker AKA Typhoid Mary.
  • Jean Grey AKA Dark Phoenix.
  • Yuriko Oyama AKA Lady Deathstrike.
  • Tilda Johnson AKA Nightshade.
  • Amora AKA the Enchantress.
Aug 16, 2018

Who is Marvel's most powerful female? ›

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Wanda Maximoff, later known as Scarlet Witch, is the most powerful female superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has the power to singlehandedly tackle Thanos and torment Doctor Strange.

Who is the first female villain Marvel? ›

Catwoman, the very first of the female super villains, is Selina Kyle, but in her first appearance, she was known only as "The Cat," and did not appear in costume.

Who is the deadliest woman in MCU? ›

Gamora became very proficient in martial arts, earning the nickname "The deadliest woman in the whole galaxy". When she was a teenager, Thanos took her on a trip to Tartoonla #7. Gamora disobeyed Thanos's orders, and due to this, came into conflict with a group of thugs.

Who is the female villain with Thanos? ›

Proxima Midnight

Who is the cutest girl in Marvel? ›

List of the hottest female superheroes in Marvel Comics
  • Mary Jane Watson.
  • Kitty Pryde. ...
  • Storm. ...
  • Black Cat. ...
  • Rogue. ...
  • Emma Frost. ...
  • Invisible Woman. ...
  • Polaris. I can't say for certain that Polaris landing here has something to do with her green (my favorite color) costume. ...
Sep 27, 2022

Who wins Scarlet Witch or Phoenix? ›

On the other hand, Dark Phoenix is a corrupted Jean Grey that's empowered by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. So, in a battle between Scarlet Witch and Dark Phoenix, who would win? Dark Phoenix would win in a fight against Scarlet Witch because she is simply a lot more powerful.

Who is the super woman in Marvel? ›

Taking the alias Lois Lane, Superwoman is an Amazon by birth, and has risen through the ranks to become the chief editor of the Daily Planet in what she calls "Patriarch's World". This disguise resembles Wonder Woman's secret identity of Diana Prince.

Who is the main baddie in Marvel? ›

1. Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame)

Who is the most beautiful villain in Marvel? ›

Top 10 Hottest Marvel Supervillains
  • #8: Selene. ...
  • #7: Viper. ...
  • #6: Loki. ...
  • #5: Enchantress. ...
  • #4: Daken. ...
  • #3: Dark Phoenix. ...
  • #2: Mystique. ...
  • #1: Emma Frost. With all due respect to Selene, when it comes to the Queen of the Hellfire Club (and our hearts), there can only be one - Emma Frost.

Who is the black lady in Marvel? ›

Monica Rambeau is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Roger Stern and artist John Romita Jr., the character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (October 1982).

Who are the hottest female villains? ›

Top 20 Hottest Female Movie Villains of All Time
  • #8: The Devil. ...
  • #7: Emma Frost. ...
  • #6: Catwoman. ...
  • #5: Santanico Pandemonium. “From Dusk Till Dawn” (1996) ...
  • #4: Xenia Onatopp. “GoldenEye” (1995) ...
  • #3: Amy. “Gone Girl” (2014) ...
  • #2: Jennifer Check. “Jennifer's Body” (2009) ...
  • #1: Catherine Tramell. “Basic Instinct” (1992)

Who is the most powerful super woman? ›

1 Scarlet Witch

Objectively, Scarlet Witch is the most powerful female superhero and possibly one of the most powerful superheroes of all time. In her early appearances, it was stated that Scarlet Witch was a mutant, which is why she first appeared in an X-Men comic.

Who is the most stronger girl? ›

Becca Swanson

She is the only woman who has ever squatted 854 pounds, benched 600 pounds and deadlifted 694 pounds. As a result, Becca Swanson is known to be the strongest girl in the world.

Who is Death Girl in Marvel? ›

Dead Girl was once a young mutant woman who moved to New York to become an actress. Murdered by a one-night stand, she revived using her mutant power and killed her murderer.

Who is hottest female avenger? ›

Marvel's Sexiest Female Characters
  • Jean Grey.
  • Storm.
  • Psylocke.
  • Mary Jane Watson.
  • Black Widow.
  • Elektra.
  • Black Cat.
  • Emma Frost.
Jan 3, 2023

Who is Lady Death in Marvel? ›

Created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin, the character first appeared in Captain Marvel #26 (June 1973). Death is a cosmic entity based on the personification of death. The character has also been known as Lady Death and Mistress Death at various points in her history.

Who is Thanos half sister? ›

Nebula (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Marvel Cinematic Universe character
Karen Gillan as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
First appearanceGuardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Based onNebula by Roger Stern John Buscema
13 more rows

Who are Thanos 2 daughters? ›

Thanos' Children are the adoptive children of Thanos, and also his minions. However, two of his daughters, Gamora and Nebula defected to the good side.

Who is Thanos wife in Marvel? ›

In the original Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos uses his omnipotent power to create a new wife, Terraxia, revealing the truth of his motivations.

Who is Marvel boy girlfriend? ›

Noh-Varr appeared as Marvel Boy in the 2013 Young Avengers series by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie where he begins to date Kate Bishop and reveals that, like the majority of the team, he is "not completely straight".

Who is the purple female Marvel hero? ›

Persuasion (Kara Killgrave, formerly known as the Purple Girl and the Purple Woman) is a fictional mutant superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Who can destroy Scarlet Witch? ›

In the main Marvel Comics continuity, despite all her power, the Scarlet Witch could not stand next to god-like forces such as the Phoenix Force, Galactus, and the Living Tribunal. Wanda was considered to be the Nexus Being of Earth-616, but there were still forces far more powerful than her.

Who can defeat Jean Grey? ›

Professor X was always able to beat her in psychic combat, using his immense power to shut down his student. While he's not always the best person and has been wrong a lot, his powers and skills make him one of the most formidable psychic combatants ever.

Who wins Scarlet Witch or Hela? ›

Hela would win in a fight against Scarlet Witch. This is because she's stronger, faster, more durable, and a better combatant with more experience than Scarlet Witch. All the same, Scarlet Witch would put up a good fight thanks to her immense magical abilities.

Who is Marvel's first female superhero? ›

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The Fantastic Four #1 (November 1961). Susan Storm is a founding member of the Fantastic Four and was the first female superhero created by Marvel during the Silver Age of Comic Books.
Invisible Woman
Place of originLong Island
11 more rows

Who was first female superhero? ›

Fantomah transforming. From Jungle Comics #15 (March 1941), art by Fletcher Hanks. The character preceded Wonder Woman's first appearance, and has been claimed to be the first female superhero in comic books.

Who is the Marvel version of She-Hulk? ›

Jennifer WaltersShe-Hulk. Lawyer Jennifer Walters was transformed into a Gamma-powered Super Hero thanks to her cousin Bruce Banner, and backs up her sensational strength with her savage wit and confidence. Jen Walters: 150 lbs., She-Hulk: 700 lbs. A.R.M.O.R.

Who is angry girl in Marvel? ›

Valkyrie! Great to see you, Angry Girl." In 2023, Valkyrie was working at the docks when she was approached by Bruce Banner and Rocket Raccoon.

Who is next Marvel villain? ›

At Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige made official what many fans had been theorizing for some time: Kang the Conqueror is the MCU's next Thanos-like villain.

Who is the most badass Marvel character? ›

The 15 MOST Powerful Marvel Characters
  • Beyonder.
  • Thanos. ...
  • Death. ...
  • Uatu the watcher. ...
  • Captain Marvel. ...
  • Galactus. Galactus was reborn at the moment of the Big Bang. ...
  • Thor. Thor can crush a planet with his strength. ...
  • Franklin Richards. The only reason that Franklin is so far down on this list is that somehow he's always a kid. ...
Sep 19, 2019

Who is the purple villain in Marvel? ›

Biography. The Super Villain Zebediah Killgrave is a unique evil. Able to manipulate, brainwash, and control his targets from afar, the villain weaponizes his victims against themselves. Also known as the Purple Man, Killgrave harnesses trauma, doubt, and fear among his foes as a means to his malicious ends.

Who is the most loved villain in the MCU? ›

Empire counts down the best baddies from Marvel's shared universe so far – who we either love to hate (or, sometimes even secretly root for).
  • 8) Mysterio. ...
  • 7) Kang. ...
  • 6) Green Goblin. ...
  • 5) Vulture. ...
  • 4) Agatha Harkness. ...
  • 3) Killmonger. ...
  • 2) Loki. ...
  • 1) Thanos. Dread him, run from him, Thanos arrives at the top of this list all the same.
Feb 22, 2023

Is Yelena Belova asexual? ›

Yelena Belova (Asexual)

Who is Thanos's right hand man? ›

The first, Thanos's right-hand man Corvus Glaive, wields a namesake blade that makes him difficult to kill—as long as the weapon is intact, he can regenerate from a single cell. Corvus acts as team leader and speaks for Thanos while in the field.

Who is stronger than Thanos? ›

That villain is, of course, Kang the Conqueror, who's set to be the Avengers' next opponent in the upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. And while Thanos is certainly a hard act to follow, Kang may be a far greater threat than the Mad Titan ever was.

Who is the very powerful villain in Marvel? ›

Ultron is among the Avengers' most powerful villains in the comics – and one of the few Marvel villains to be exclusive to the group rather than an individual hero. However, the MCU did him dirty by reducing him to only one movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and portraying him as a pushover.

Who is the most powerful MCU villain ever? ›

Thanos has been dethroned by Kang the Conqueror as the most powerful villain in the MCU, according to Disney.

Who is the most evil Marvel character? ›

Through his psychotic personal torture and conflict with one of Marvel's finest as well as nearly succeeding in total world domination and the actual destruction of Asgard, Norman Osborn is truly the most evil villain in all of Marvel.

Who is the most powerful villain in Marvel Avengers? ›

Thanos. Perhaps the Avengers villain that MCU fans are most familiar with, Thanos's motivations in the comics are slightly different, but his power remains a constant. He's a true force to be reckoned with, and one that inspires a legion of his own that also has to be contended with.

Who is the most powerful villain than Thanos? ›

Kang the Conqueror: Master of time and timelines

He can travel through time, alter timelines, and even create parallel universes, giving him a significant advantage over other Marvel villains, including Thanos. Kang's mastery over time is a potent ability, and it's what makes him virtually unbeatable.

Who kills Thanos? ›

And Here's Why. In Thor vol. 2 #25, the God of Thunder defeated the Mad Titan with the help of Fire Lord, who provided him with a set of special Asgardian weapons, including Belt of Strength, Odin Force, and more. Ultimately, Thor defeated Thanos with his trusted Mjolnir by smashing Mad Titan.

Who is the next big villain in Marvel? ›

Directed by Peyton Reed, "Quantumania," out Friday, will formally introduce Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror, the supervillain expected to play a big role in the next series of Marvel Studios' film and TV projects as they march toward "Avengers: The Kang Dynasty," announced for 2025.

Who is the most intimidating MCU villain? ›

Thanos. The Mad Titan is still the greatest threat in the MCU. He remains the only villain to have prevailed against Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and although his actions were ultimately undone, his rampage left considerable physical and psychological scars on the entire world.

Who is the new Marvel villain? ›

Kang has arrived. At Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige made official what many fans had been theorizing for some time: Kang the Conqueror is the MCU's next Thanos-like villain.

Who is the unluckiest Marvel character? ›

1 Spider-Man Is The Original Hard Luck Hero

Peter Parker has such bad luck, that there's a phrase for it: Parker luck. He is easily the most unlucky hero in the Marvel Universe, which is saying something. The things he's been through have taken bad luck to the next level.

Who is the hated character in Marvel? ›

Despite being a well-known character, Hank Pym is not well-liked by fans, unlike his wife Janet van Dyne (Wasp) and successor Scott Lang (Ant-Man), as they only remember him for the worst things he ever did, such as physically abusing his wife on more than one occasion and trying to kill his friends many times.

Who is the Avengers biggest threat? ›

Ultron is the Avengers' greatest foe. Created by Hank Pym, the genocidal android has been trying to end all biological life for years now. Composed of unbreakable adamantium, Ultron is a nigh-unstoppable force of destruction and has personally killed millions of humans.

Who is the most powerful person among the Avengers? ›

Thor. Blessed with the powers and long life of a god, Thor was undoubtedly the most powerful member of the initial version of the Avengers. Not only can he fly and transport between worlds, but he was also the only one capable of taking down Thanos, even after he had assembled all six Infinity Stones.


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